Walk In My Shoes Radio

Walk in My Shoes Radio (WIMS FM) is Ireland’s only pop-up station that is dedicated solely to the promotion of positive mental health. Run by St Patrick’s Mental Health Services during World Mental Health Week each October, WIMS FM broadcasts over 70 hours of live shows from a pop-up studio at St Patrick’s University Hospital.

The overall aim of Walk in My Shoes Radio is to raise awareness by talking about mental health and to encourage listeners to take action early by seeking support and professional advice. During the week, station guests share their stories of support and recovery and encourage listeners, where appropriate, to do the same.

WIMS FM is anchored by a host of mental health advocates, celebrity ambassadors and well-known presenters. Listeners can tune in on FM radio across Ireland or online at walkinmyshoes.ie

Listen back to the Walk In My Shoes radio broadcasts

I came across this station by accident and was so glad. It was excellent, hearing real life stories from people and all the helpful information around positive mental health and the music played was brilliant. I didn’t think for a second I would end up in there speaking about the Tree Of Hope. Wonderful opportunity and thank you to all. Roll on next year. Im looking forward to it already.

Singing all the way to work this morning. Happy happy happy! Great idea. Great guests! Wish you were on all the time. Keep up the great work 🙂

I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed the week of broadcasting by WIMS. It’s such a pity that you’re not on air all the time, or at the very least have a regular slot or broadcast. Totally feel good factor feeling from listening in all week….. Entertaining, informative and educational, and so very relevant and worthwhile.✌️

Found you on the radio & think it’s a great cause.

What a fantastic feeling it was dropping in and. Seeing the Studio talking to the Team and meeting my hero Dustin supporting my passion. Hope to take part next year God Bless all who took part. Tom Dalton Radio

As a service user at present there’s a great buzz about the place . It’s great to be putting mental health issues out there

Mental illness is all year around & 24/7 just like music” 🙂 positive music brings a healthy mind you can’t go wrong.!

Super station – was on my way home from hospital appt in Galway & came on the station… sang my way home

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