Mission Possible

Our Mission Possible school achievement awards recognise the roles our schools play in promoting positive mental health.

Want to get involved?

Want to get involved?

The awards celebrate the unique projects underway in primary and secondary schools across Ireland to raise awareness of mental health and reduce stigma in school and the community.

Teachers, you can enter the awards now on behalf of your school. Applications are open until 5pm on Friday, 25 March 2022.

Taking part is quick and easy. Just log in at any time to our School Portal, where you can upload information and resources relating to your mental health and wellbeing activities. Then, take a few short minutes to fill out our online entry form to quickly complete your application.

We'll announce winners at an awards ceremony in April, with the top primary and secondary school in each category receiving a €600 cash prize and every participating school receiving a certificate.

How can you apply?

Applying for the Mission Possible awards is quick and easy!

Primary and secondary teachers can log into our School Portal, where you can upload resources - such as posters, photos or videos - and information about your projects, programmes or ideas. You can then use our online form to complete to finalise your entry; the form includes a section where you can name which resources you uploaded to the portal and wish to enter into the competition. 

The deadline for applications to the awards is 5pm on Friday, 25 March 2022.

If you have any questions about applying to the Mission Possible awards, please email info@walkinmyshoes.ie.

Complete your application form here.

  • How the awards work

    Judges will review all applications and make a shortlist. Our team will be in touch to let you know if you are shortlisted.

    Awards fall across three categories, showcasing:

    • the Best Standalone Project
    • the Best Programme Activity
    • and the Most Creative Idea

    taking place in schools to share positive mental health messages or end stigma. Entries can include initiatives in the school or classroom environment, as well as those carried out online or remotely due to public health guidelines.

    Each category will have a primary and secondary school winner, with these schools each receiving prize money of €600.

    Of course, every school taking part is a winner in our eyes! We’ll be celebrating every school who enters with a certificate.

What are the award categories?

Want to know what we’re looking for? Find out more about each of our award categories below.

Each initiative should be entered into one category only. Please note that ‘Best Standalone Project’ and ‘Most Creative Idea’ are judged on individual projects, and you will need to submit separate application forms for each one you enter. If you are submitting multiple events or projects which took place under one programme – such as a Wellness Month which included mindfulness classes, an art competition and a mental health awareness day – then ‘Best Programme Activity’ is the best category for you.

  • Best Standalone Project

    This award celebrates a once-off project that displays the great work your school has done to promote positive mental health. Examples of these one-off projects include the introduction of a Buddy Bench in a school, where students can sit if they’re feeling worried or shy about talking to their classmates; the installation of a Wellness Wall to post positive mental health messages; or the establishment of a Student Wellbeing Committee. 

  • Most Creative Idea

    This award brings the wow factor! We’re looking for the most original, inventive, or fun ideas used to open conversations, reduce stigma or share positive messages around mental health. From Wellbeing Clubs to positive poster campaigns, and from creating online webinars to running a social media campaign for students, there’s no shortage to the ways your imagination can take you for this! Ideas can include the innovative ways you helped your students to maintain positive mental health during school closures or changes in the classroom due to public health guidelines, and the kinds of activities that create big impact even with very small budgets.

  • Best Programme Activity

    This award celebrates innovative mental health programmes and initiatives which reach out to young people, teachers and the community and provide meaningful, lasting support. These programmes involve a calendar of mental health events or activities, such as Wellness Walks or mindfulness classes.

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