Teacher Training

We offer training opportunities designed to empower teachers and school staff working with children and young people to develop greater understanding of mental health.

Children and young people spend up to one third of their childhood in school and so their experience there can have a major impact on their mental health

We see the great work that Irish schools are doing to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. This is so vital in developing and encouraging a mentally healthy school environment for children, young people and staff.

We want to continue to support schools to develop greater understanding and awareness about mental health and wellbeing so that children and young people can go on to live mentally healthy lives and have fulfilling childhoods.

We host regular mental health information days for teachers and other school staff who work with children and young people. 

These full days of training cover a broad range of topics related to mental health in the classroom and are designed with teachers and those who work with children specifically in mind.

Stay tuned to find out more about our next teacher training event.

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See some of our other teacher supports