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Primary School

Primary School

Positive school environments play a central part in enhancing mental health awareness, tackling stigma, and promoting wellbeing for children.

Primary School

Primary schools all over Ireland work tirelessly during the year to promote mental health in the classroom, to teach students about wellbeing and to instill positive attitudes towards mental health in their students.This work is critical in raising awareness, teaching students how to manage their mental health and tackling the stigma that is so often associated with mental health. 

We provide primary school teachers across the country with free resources and ideas of how they can bring wellness and mental health into their classroom. We also run various initiatives and events throughout the year where teachers can receive mental health training, showcase what their schools are doing to promote mental health and get ideas from other schools across the country.

Details of how to get involved and all of our upcoming activity is available below. 

Ways to get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved: visit our campaigns and events page below for full details of all of the initiatives we run throughout the year. From school achievement awards to Funky Shoe Days, there is something for everyone.

Ways to get involved

Throughout the year, schools can get involved in: 

  • Mission Possible school achievement awards
  • Funky Shoe Days
  • #MindYourSelfie Day
  • WIMS Radio

We also have a number of free classroom resources available for download and use in the classroom. They can be used as a way to start a very important conversation around mental health and wellbeing and to begin educating children from a young age about this critical topic.

Quick Downloads

Wellbeing Calendar

Wellness Journal Primary

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