Frame of Mind

Our Frame of Mind short film competition aims to improve mental health awareness and remove the stigma around mental health difficulties.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

In this competition, we invite you to use film as a creative way to challenge mental health stigma or show the importance of positive mental health.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Frame of Mind is open to secondary schools and general amateur filmmakers to submit a TikTok or short film which shares uplifting messages or tackles stereotypes around mental health.

Your short films or TikToks can be based on your personal experience or something that you want to highlight as a positive message about mental health and wellbeing.

With everyone’s safety in mind, we encourage you to make your entries in line with public health guidance: from filming people remotely to using animation or simple stop-motion, we welcome all the innovative ways you want to make your creations.

This competition isn’t about using expensive equipment either. You can use any type of camera you feel comfortable with, and there are lots of free-to-use video editing programmes available to help you get the finished version you’re happy with.

Check back later in the year for more details of when Frame of Mind opens again for applications!

Watch the 2022 ceremony

Watch the 2022 ceremony

The awards ceremony for the 2022 competition took place in March 2022, with first and second-place winners in four categories taking home prizes of €1,000 and €500 each. You can watch the awards ceremony below, or see all the winners here. 

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