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Check out our free Walk in My Shoes (WIMS) resources for children of primary school age.

WIMS School Supports

WIMS School Supports

Our WIMS School Supports series provides sets of presentations and lesson plans designed for teachers to use in the classroom to support students with transitioning back to school under the unusual and challenging circumstances of a global pandemic.

Teachers can now download and use the classroom presentation, which is accompanied by a handout for students, and includes activities and discussion points.

The first set of the series focuses on dealing with change, and empowers students to develop coping skills and prepare for times of transition and adjustment. After the presentation, students will be able to understand the impact of change and develop ways to cope with it. From start to finish, it takes approximately 30 minutes, although additional time may be given for students to take part in the discussion point. We recommend that teachers bear their students’ personalities and circumstances in mind when using the discussion point and activity accompanying the presentation.

Dealing with Change

Classroom presentation

Our classroom presentation aims to introduce students to practical tools and skills to take care of their own mental health. Play this presentation, hosted by child and adolescent psychotherapist, Dr Colman Noctor, to hear more on building resilience and self-worth, understanding relationships and dealing with comparison culture. There are lots of prompts for discussion and exercises which you can practice with your class also.

Find out more about the presentation

Supports for teachers

We know that it can be difficult to manage mental health issues in school. We came together with the team at St Patrick's Mental Health Services to produce an educational film with tips and information that we hope primary school teachers and school staff will find helpful: click the icon to the right to play. We also produced an eBook just for primary teachers, which you can download below.

Read the eBook here

Activities for your classroom

Activities for your classroom

There are lots of quick and easy activities your students can do to promote positive wellbeing and explore their mental health. 

Our Wellbeing Action Calendar, available in both English and Irish language versions, gives lots of great suggestions to get started.

Our self-care timetable, made especially for primary school students, also gives a different self-care activity that children can do in the classroom or at home each day of the week.

You'll find more wellness tools and activities below too! 

Get our wellbeing action calendars

Wellbeing Action Calendar

Irish wellbeing action calendar

Get the self-care timetable

Self-Care Timetable

Worry Lorry

Worry Lorry

At times, we can all feel more anxious than usual – but there are things that we can all do to help reduce that anxiety. Teachers, for example, can encourage students to take a few minutes for our Worry Lorry activity. To get started, you’ll need to download and print the activity sheet. Then, get your students to write down the things that worry them on the lorry. Invite them to think about the things that make them feel good or ease their worries, and then share these things with the lorry driver. Suggest that they focus on these positive things as they colour in the rest of the sheet, and notice how their worries are driven away!

Get the Worry Lorry activity sheet here

Wellness Wall for your classroom or school hall

Self-esteem and wellness activities

Mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness is a practice that helps us to recognise and accept our feelings as they come up by being present in the moment and relieving tension in our minds and bodies. We have a range of mindfulness resources which teachers can practice in class with their students, from guided exercises to mindful colouring sheets. You'll find them all below!

Get the guide for our mindfulness audio exercises

Guided mindfulness practices

Mindfulness colouring

Posters for your classroom

Posters for your classroom

Fill your classroom and school spaces with messages of motivation and positivity to boost your students' moods and confidence. We have versions of a number of the posters available in English and Irish language versions. 

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More videos and resources

More videos and resources

See more mental health and wellbeing videos on our YouTube channel, from classroom meditations to mental health information sessions and more.

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