22 September, 2021

WIMS Live 2021 calls on Irish people to make their mental health a priority

Brendan Clarke of Shelbourne FC, Grace Mongey of Faces by Grace and ultra-runner Conor O'Keeffe launch WIMS Live 2021
Brendan Clarke of Shelbourne FC, Grace Mongey of Faces by Grace and ultra-runner Conor O'Keeffe launch WIMS Live 2021

We are delighted to launch an online programme of wellbeing events, workshops and curated content, shared over the course of four weeks in September and October 2021.

Walk in My Shoes (WIMS) is delighted to launch an interactive, online programme of wellbeing events, workshops and curated content, shared over the course of four weeks in September and October 2021.

WIMS Live aims to encourage everyone to make their mental health a priority and focus on their wellbeing, especially as society prepares to adapt to the lifting of all COVID-19 restrictions from October.

Some of Ireland’s top wellbeing ambassadors and special guests will join the WIMS Live programme, including artist Don Conroy; RTÉ’s Bláthnaid Treacy; social media influencer and mental health advocate Grace Mongey; and many more. They, along with mental health experts from St Patrick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS) and beyond, will explore a wide range of mental health and lifestyle topics over four themed weeks.

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Your Wellbeing | 27 September - 3 October

Week one of WIMS Live is all about your wellbeing, and the line-up includes a webinar exploring the mental health impacts of climate change, a journaling workshop, an Instagram takeover with Bláthnaid Treacy, and more.

  • Webinar | Climate Change and Mental Health

    We are seeing more and more of the impact of climate change, with many of us feeling climate anxiety and worrying about what the future holds for our planet and people.  

    On Tuesday, 28 September, join a webinar looking at our mental health responses to climate change from 11am.

    Tickets are free but registration is essential; book your place now.

  • Wellbeing Session | Benefits of Journaling

    Journaling involves taking time to write down your thoughts and feelings to reflect on and understand them. It's a great self-care practice, can help to identify your concerns or triggers, and can be a way of learning how to control your moods and feelings in a healthy way.

    Join Dr Declan Lyons of SPMHS from 11am on Wednesday, 29 September for a session exploring the process and benefits of journaling. 


  • Instagram takeover

    RTÉ's Bláthnaid Treacy has been a huge supporter of WIMS for many years, and will be taking over our Instagram from 3pm on Tuesday, 28 September.

    Follow us at @stpatricks_wims to see more from Bláthnaid.

  • Podcast | Zoe Holohan

    Zoe Holohan is a mental health advocate who has spoken openly about her grief following the death of her husband Brian in 2018. Brian passed away in wildfires in Greece, four days after their wedding. Zoe wrote a best-selling book, As the Smoke Clears, about her experience and recovery journey.

    Listen in to our chat with Zoe from 9am on Thursday, 30 September.

Wellbeing in the Classroom | 4 - 10 October

Week two focuses on supporting teachers and students to look after their mental health, with workshops on self-compassion, a webinar on self-harm awareness, and a very special wellbeing walk to mark World Mental Health Day on 10 October.

  • Webinar | Student Self-Harm

    Teachers and school staff are invited to our webinar on student self-harm, looking at how to spot the signs and what to do.

    The webinar takes place from 11am on Monday, 4 October, with registration now open.


  • Instagram takeover

    Join us on Instagram from 3pm on Tuesday, 5 October to hear from a very special guest taking over our channel!

  • Wellbeing Session | Compassion in the Classroom

    Ever feel like you could be more kind to yourself?

    Primary and secondary school students can take part in our wellbeing session looking at what self-compassion means and how to practice it.

    This wellbeing session will be available from 11am on Wednesday, 6 October.

  • Wellbeing Session | Compassion for Teachers

    Being compassionate to ourselves means that we are supporting our mental and physical health and wellbeing. Teachers in primary and secondary schools across Ireland have faced a very difficult time over the last 18 months; this session is all about ways of practicing self-compassion in the face of these challenges.

    Join the session from 9am on Wednesday, 7 October.

  • Podcast | Shelbourne FC

    Sports and physical activity benefit our wellbeing by helping us stay active and connecting us with others. Tune into our podcast from 9am on Thursday, 7 October to hear more members of the Shelbourne FC Youth Academy and others on this.

Family Wellbeing | 11-17 October

Week three explores how to build a family support system, and includes a workshop by artist Don Conroy that hones in on the benefits of art for mental health

  • Webinar | Mental Health Support Systems

    Having a strong network of family, friends and carers around you when you are going through a mental health difficulty can make a huge difference in your recovery.

    Take part in a webinar from 11am on Tuesday, 12 October to hear from Grace Mongey of Faces by Grace; Elaine Donnelly, mental health social worker in SPMHS; and Sean Fitzpatrick, service user representative, to learn more.

    This event is free to attend, and you can register now.

  • Instagram Takeover

    A very special guest will be taking over our Instagram channel from 3pm on Tuesday, 12 October!

  • Wellbeing Session | Draw with Don

    Artist Don Conroy is loved across Ireland, perhaps best-known for helping lots of children and young people get creative with his cartoon and drawing series on RTÉ and The Den.

    Don brings us an exclusive Draw with Don session just for WIMS Live; get your pens and paper ready for 9am on Wednesday, 13 October.

  • Podcast | Mental Health Stigma

    Seeking help for your mental health is a big and brave step, and one that shouldn't have to be made more difficult for fear of what other people might think or say. Charlotte Frorath talks with RTÉ's Jan Ní Fhlanagáin about her experience of receiving mental healthcare.

    Listen in from 9am on Thursday, 14 October.

Wellbeing in the Community | 18 – 24 October

Wellbeing in the community takes centre stage for the fourth and final week of WIMS Live, with events and activities looking at how we can reduce mental health stigma in our communities.

  • Webinar | #NoStigma in the Community

    People going through mental health difficulties often face stigma, stereotypes or misconceptions. This can prevent people from participating in community life in the way they'd like to. A community without this kind of stigma is better for everyone - but what can we do to get there?

    Join us for a free webinar all about normalising mental health from 11am on Tuesday, 19 October; registration is now open, with more details on speakers will be shared very shortly.

  • Instagram Takeover

    Our last Instagram takeover of WIMS Live takes place from 3pm on Tuesday, 19 October - follow our channel to see more from someone very special.

  • Wellbeing Session | Sound Bath

    Many of us know about and have tried mindfulness and meditation as ways of relaxing and becoming more present, but a sound bath might be something new!

    A sound bath is a type of meditation that bathes or surrounds us with sound waves to bring us into a deep state of relaxation and quiet our minds.

    Rachel Lenny of Earth and Purpose Yoga will lead us in a sound bath from 9am on Wednesday, 20 October. Bring your headphones for the best experience!

  • Podcast | Mental Health Recovery

    What is it like to get help and treatment for your mental health? And how does it feel to face stigma around mental health or misunderstanding around what you're going through?

    We hear from someone who has gone through mental healthcare to learn more about their experience. Tune in from 9am on Thursday, 21 October.

Make mental health a priority

Make mental health a priority

WIMS is the flagship mental health education and awareness campaign of SPMHS. Speaking about this year’s WIMS Live programme, Paul Gilligan, Chief Executive Officer of SPMHS, said: “While the complete easing of COVID-19 restrictions has been long-awaited and eagerly anticipated for many, it may also bring with it a fresh anxiety of once again adjusting to a new way of living."

"The launch of the WIMS Live programme is an opportunity to make our mental health a priority, to reflect on all the skills we’ve learned to protect and nurture our wellbeing over the past 18 months, and to connect with our inner resilience so that our mental health is protected as we move forward in this new recovery phase of the pandemic.”