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From 5-10 October 2020, WIMS LIve aims to bring you a positive, uplifting week and to help in raising awareness of and reducing stigma around mental health.

See our schedule below

Every day, we'll be sharing a mix of events, activities and content full of inspiration, entertainment, and everything in between.

See our schedule below

As well as all the live events, discussions, podcasts and wellbeing workshops you'll find below, keep an eye on our social media for more content, resources and even some celebrity takeovers, and use the #wimslive hashtag to get involved in the conversation. We're on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

You can join in each day's events and activities here.

Monday, 5 October

  • WIMS Live Launch | 9.30am

    We’re kicking WIMS Live off on World Teacher Day, and using the occasion to celebrate teachers and students who have shown incredible resilience and commitment throughout 2020. 

    Join our Ambassador and RTÉ presenter, Bláthnaid Treacy, and Chief Executive Officer of St Patrick's Mental Health Services, Paul Gilligan, from 9.30am, as we go live to Mercy College Coolock to hear from students and teachers, who, as well as telling us about their experiences over the last few months, will take us through a mood-boosting yoga session from their very own school gym.

    This will be a live event with a link to join available on the day.

  • Teacher Tributes | 10.30am

    We all know the difference teachers make in our lives, and, this year, their support has never been more important. To mark this, students from across Ireland have sent us special thank you messages to the teachers who have championed mental health and gone the extra mile for their classes.

    These messages will be shared in a video from 10.30am.

  • Reading Corner | 11.30am

    Emma Cahill is an Irish primary school teacher who has published children’s books about mental health and wellbeing – and we’re delighted to bring you short readings from the writer herself. The reading is suitable for all primary school classes. Emma presents a reading from her popular book, Under the Mask. Join superheroes Blaze, Rustle and Crash as they help 10-year-old Olly recognise and deal with his feelings of anger, sadness and worry. 

    The reading will be available as a video from 11.30am.

  • Meet the Author | 11.30am

    We're catching up with two of Ireland’s most exciting and progressive young adult writers, Louise O’Neill and Dave Rudden, to explore their journeys through young adult life, their inspirations, and how writing helped to overcome their own mental health challenges.  They'll also share readings from their chosen novels, providing an insight in to their work and their talent.    

    These interviews and readings are intended for secondary school students. Please note that there are some issues raised within them which may be challenging for some students or which may raise questions about some topics such as self-harm. Please click here for support and advice on where to go for further information for these students. Our 'Supporting Someone with a Mental Health Difficulty' video guide, presented by clinicians from St Patrick’s Mental Health Services and aimed at teenagers, may be another helpful support: it will go live from 9.30am on Wednesday.

    Meet the Author videos will be shared at 11.30am.

  • Close Up: Mental Health in the Movies | 7.30pm

    From cuckoos’ nests to silver linings, the RTÉ Guide’s movie guy, Michael Doherty, will be joined by RTÉ radio presenter, Shay Byrne, to present a live talk, Close Up: Mental Health in the Movies, to explore how Hollywood has framed our perception of mental health throughout the years. Later, they’ll host an interactive film quiz for fans of the silver screen: test your movie trivia and play with your family and friends online in the comfort of your home. The quiz is designed so that Shay and Michael can share questions and answers, while your teams can score and compete against each other, and we welcome your team names, comments and score updates on the night.

    This is a live talk and quiz, with a link to join being shared on the day.

Tuesday, 6 October

  • Wellbeing Wake Up: Yoga | 7am

     “Yoga is not a work-out; it is a work in”. Rolf Gates

    Wake up your mind, body and soul to the proven benefits that yoga has on wellbeing by joining St Patrick’s Mental Health Services’ Paul Geoghegan as he gently kickstarts our day with a yoga session for all levels.

    A workshop video will be shared at 7am.

  • Living a Mentally Healthy Life in 2020 | 11.30am

    RTÉ presenter Jan Ní Fhlanagáin hosts a live discussion with Medical Director of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services, Paul Fearon, psychologist Padraig Walsh and journalist and broadcaster Barbara Scully about the impact on our mental health and wellbeing of moving towards and living through the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Now that we’re eight months into this unprecedented global event, we’re taking a look at some of the ways our mental health and wellbeing are impacted, both from individual and service delivery perspectives. What do these impacts mean for those of us already living with mental health difficulties?  What have we learned so far, and how are we coping with long-term realities? And, looking to the future, what should we expect from our behaviours, individually and as a society?  

    Our panel will discuss this and more in a live event from 11.30am, with a link to join being shared on the day.

Wednesday, 7 October

  • Jamie Harrington in Conversation | 9.30am

    Jamie Harrington is a 21-year-old youth mental health advocate and community activist from Dublin’s Ballymun who has spoken to thousands of students and social media followers over the last few years and became well-known when his story of helping a man in mental health distress went viral on social media.

    Hear more of Jamie's story in a video being released at 9.30am.

  • Supporting Someone with a Mental Health Difficulty | 9.30am

    When a person in your life is going through a mental health difficulty, knowing how you can best support them can feel like a bit of a puzzle at first. The team from the Willow Grove Adolescent Unit at St Patrick’s Mental Health Services explores ways in which we can be there for those experiencing mental ill-health.

    Watch this helpful video guide from 9.30am.

  • Teen Mental Health: Stress, Stigma and Coping Strategies | 11.30am

    Young people go through so many new experiences and milestones in their teenage years. In this podcast, RTÉ’s Jan Ní Fhlanagáin talks to young people about what kinds of things happening in their own lives and the world around them can impact on their mental health, with more insights on adolescent mental health coming from Aaron Swift of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services.

    Tune into this podcast from 11.30am.

  • Reflections on Recovery: Rick's Story | 7pm

    At different times in our lives, we may need to get some help and support for our mental health. RTÉ’s Jan Ní Fhlanagáin meets Rick Rossiter, an ambassador for SeeChange, who explores his journey through his own mental health challenge and paths to recovery. 

    Hear more from Rick in a podcast going live at 7pm.

Thursday, 8 October

  • Wellbeing Wake Up: Mindfulness | 7am

    “Mindfulness isn’t difficult. We just need to remember to do it.” Sharon Salzberg.

    Enhance your morning routine, increase your attention, and focus and improve your overall wellbeing with a beautiful, guided mindfulness workshop from Debbie Van Tonder of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services.

    This workshop video will be available from 7am.

  • Wellness and the 'New Workplace' | 2pm

    The impact of COVID-19 means that working life has undergone a dramatic transformation in a short space of time. Join Chief Executive Officer of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS), Paul Gilligan, SPMHS’ Advocacy Manager and registered occupational therapist, Louise O’Leary, and SeeChange’s Barbara Brennan in a webinar which aims to share practical advice for managing your wellbeing in the new workplace.

    A link to this live webinar at 2pm will be shared on the day.

Friday, 9 October

  • Science of Mental Health | 12.45pm

    “It’s the hardware, not the software”: RTÉ 2fm’s Eoghan McDermott and Professor Paul Fearon, Medical Director at St Patrick's Mental Health Services, put the biological factors that contribute to our mental health and wellbeing under the microscope. 

    If you'd like to ask a question of our expert, please email them to info@walkinmyshoes.ie or send them on social media using the #wimslive hashtag.

    You can join this live event from 10am, using a link to be shared on the day.

Saturday, 10 October | World Mental Health Day

  • Wellbeing Yoga for World Mental Health Day | 11am

    In partnership with Avoca, we'll be sharing a virtual yoga session in a social media livestream to mark World Mental Health Day.

    Links to take part in the session will be shared on the day.

  • Reflections on Recovery: Marian's Story | 2pm

    In the second instalment of this week’s Reflections on Recovery podcast, RTÉ’s Jan Ní Fhlanagáin chats with Marian, the Chairperson of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services’ Service Users and Supporters Council (SUAS), about her journey of mental health. In an honest and moving conversation, Marian reinforces the empowering message that living a full life while managing a mental health difficulty is not only possible, but a right we all have.

    Listen to this podcast when it goes live from 2pm on the day.

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If you've been affected by any of the issues raised in WIMS Live, support is available.

If you've been affected by any of the issues raised in WIMS Live, support is available.

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