We've created and shared a wide range of Walk in My Shoes (WIMS) wellbeing activities for secondary school teachers and students.

Minding Yourself, Minding Nature

Minding Yourself, Minding Nature

Minding Yourself, Minding Nature is a nature and wellbeing workbook designed for secondary schools. The workbook was developed with BirdWatch Ireland, Biodiversity in Schools and Leave No Trace Ireland to explore how and why the natural world is important for our health and wellbeing. It also looks what we can do to help the planet and take postive climate action, which, in turn, supports our mental health. The workbook is set across which four sections which focus on different nature-based activities for each season, and includes a nature wellbeing plan for young people to complete. 

You can also watch our nature mindfulness meditation for secondary schools below.

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WIMS School Support

WIMS School Support

Our WIMS School Supports provides a set of presentations and lesson plans designed for teachers to use in the classroom to support students with transitioning back to school under the unusual and challenging circumstances of a global pandemic.

Teachers can now download and use the classroom presentation, which is accompanied by a handout for students, and includes activities and discussion points.

The set focuses on dealing with change, and empowers students to develop coping skills and prepare for times of transition and adjustment. By the end of the presentation, students will be better equipped to describe the impact that change can have and develop coping strategies for this. It takes roughly 30 minutes to complete, with the option to give extra time to explore the discussion point in more detail. Teachers may wish to consider their students’ personal circumstances when leading the related discussion points and activity.

Dealing with Change | Secondary School Support


Classroom presentation

Secondary School Presentation

Mindfulness sketches

Dream Create Love | Mindful Colouring

Feel Try Live Care | Mindful Colouring

Bookmark Secondary School

Activities for the classroom


Selfie 'Steem Activity

Wellness Journal Secondary

Gratitude Journal

Wellness Wall for your classroom or school hall

Wellness Wall Instructions: Secondary Level

Wellness Wall Banner Image


#MindYourSelfie eBook Secondary School

Film resources

Managing mental health issues in the classroom can be challenging. Our Frame of Mind film resource features clips from entries to our Frame of Mind short film competition. These clips were especially selected because they explore some important mental health themes particularly relevant to young people. The film can be used as a classroom tool to start a discussion about these aspects of mental health and wellbeing. The companion guide provides further information on the topics explored in the film, and suggests questions and discussion points to help you get the conversation started with your class. We recommend allocating up to one hour for viewing this film and completing the exercises contained within the companion guide. We also produced an educational film specifically for school teachers and staff, together with the mental health team at St Patrick's Mental Health Services, that we hope will be of benefit to you and your colleagues.

Posters for your classroom

Say it, Don't Hide it Poster

Always remember you rock!

Always remember you do you!

Always remember be kind!

Always remember mind your selfie!

Always remember you've got this!

Bí Cineálta

Coimhéad Thú Féin

Déan Do Rogha Rud

Tá Gaoth Ar Do Dhroim

Tá Tú Go Hiontach

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Check out our YouTube for more mental health info and tools

Check out our YouTube for more mental health info and tools