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Worry Lorry

Worry Lorry

At times such as the coronavirus outbreak, we can all feel more anxious than usual – but there are things that we can all do to help reduce that anxiety too, like taking a few minutes for our new Worry Lorry activity. To get started, you’ll need to download and print the activity sheet. Then, write down the things that make you worried or play on your mind on the lorry. Think about the things that make you feel good and help your worries to disappear, and then share them with the second lorry driver below. Focus on these positive things as you colour in the rest of the sheet, and notice how your worries are driven away!

Download the activity sheet here

Classroom presentation

Secondary School Presentation

Mindfulness sketches

Mindfulness Sketch 1 Secondary School

Mindfulness Sketch 2 Secondary School

Bookmark Secondary School

In the classroom

Selfie Tips

Selfie 'Steem Activity

Wellness Journal Secondary

Wellness Wall Instructions

Wellness Wall Banner.PNG


Say it, Don't Hide it Poster

Always remember you rock!

Always remember you do you!

Always remember be kind!

Always remember mind your selfie!

Always remember you've got this!


#MindYourSelfie eBook Secondary School

Education Film and Companion Guide for Teachers

Education Film and Companion Guide for Teachers

Managing mental health issues in the classroom can be challenging. With this in mind, Walk In My Shoes and St Patrick’s Mental Health Services have produced an educational film specifically for school teachers and staff that we hope will be of benefit to you and your colleagues

Education Film for Teachers

Education Film for Teachers

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