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02 February, 2021

Watch | Advice to children on how to mind their minds

Child psychologist Paul Gilligan joined children on RTÉ's news2day programme to share advice on how to mind their minds.

Paul, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of St Patrick's Mental Health Services, Paul Gilligan, spoke during a feature on RTÉ's news2day programme which looked at some of the wellbeing activities students are doing with their schools. The programme also looked at some of the things that can make them feel anxious or sad, especially as we all go through the pandemic.

When you're feeling down, what do you do to you make yourself feel better?

During the programme, Paul shared tips with children on the things they can do to pick themselves up when they feel down.

When these feelings come up, one of the things Paul suggests to young people is that you can write a list of what is worrying you, but also the things that you feel good about. He advises that is helpful to talk to a trusted adult about what you have written and what is on your mind. If you can't physically be with that person at the moment, pick up the phone or video call them online to chat.

Paul also suggests that you might find it helpful to:

  • Do one thing a day that you enjoy
  • Be kind to other people
  • Ask for help and talk to others about things you want to understand better
  • Have a little plan for your days
  • Focus on what's going on for the next few days, rather than looking too far ahead.

Click here to watch all Paul had to say.

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