A 16 year old in our hospital said he wished his friends could put themselves in his shoes.

By wearing odd or mismatched shoes, you can do just that. Step out of your comfort zone and help us to stamp out the stigma that surrounds mental health difficulties while raising vital funds to support vulnerable young adults in Ireland.

‘Walk in My Shoes’ is a campaign of St. Patrick’s Mental Health Foundation raising funds to provide mental health services, support and information to those who need it most. ‘Walk in My Shoes’ is a year long campaign promoting early intervention, offering mental health education and aims to tackle the stigma .

Funds raised are directed to our one-of-a-kind national support and information line which is available to the public and manned by mental health professionals who can listen, support and offer professional advice to anyone, anywhere in Ireland.

You can get involved in our campaign by sharing our mental health information packs, challenging the stigma and fundraising to support vulnerable young adults in Ireland.

You can raise much needed funds by hosting a ‘funky shoe day’ at work, in your community or in your school/ college. Ask those taking part to step out of their comfort zone and wear shoes they normally wouldn’t for the day- wellies to work, slippers to school or mismatched shoes for the day. Each person donates just €2.

Join ‘Walk in My Shoes’ with U2′s Adam Clayton, and help us stamp out the stigma, raise awareness and put vulnerable young adults back on the road to recovery.

  “Our message is simple. You don’t have to wait to enjoy life again. Every day you live with a mental health difficulty that can be managed and resolved, no matter what stage it’s at, is a day you haven’t lived to its fullest.People experiencing mental health difficulties should not only believe that recovery is possible but should expect recovery. Everyone has a right to good mental health.”

Paul Gilligan, CEO of St. Patrick’s, (January 2014)

Walk in My Shoes is a campaign of the St. Patrick’s Mental Health Foundation

Support ‘Walk in My Shoes’ here: http://www.walkinmyshoes.ie/get-involved/


Donate by Text

To donate text “Shoes” to 57802. €2 per text. €1.33 goes to Walk in My Shoes. Network charges vary. SP Phonovation limited. Helpline 0818217100.

Donate Online

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