Walk in My Shoes

Mental Health Education & Awareness Campaign of St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services.

Walk In My Shoes challenges people to think differently about mental health.

Frame of Mind - Short Film Competition


Thanks everyone for submitting your short-film concept. We were overwhelmed with the standard and level of response. The shortlisted films will be previewed at a film screening award ceremony in January 2017, where judges Michael Doherty, Sylvia Thompson and Paul Gilligan will be choosing the three winning films.

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10 ways to get through Blue Monday and beyond

After the buzz and good cheer of the festive season, January can feel like one long and exhausting slog. Researchers have dubbed January 16th as ‘Blue Monday’ or the most depressing day of the year. It’s dark and cold outside, summer is nowhere in sight, morale is at...

Turning January Blues Into January Boosts!

With ‘Blue Monday’ fast approaching, St Patrick’s Mental Health Services is encouraging us to focus on positive change for 2017. Edel Fortune, Day Services Programme Manager at St Patrick’s, says, “New Year should be a time when we think of change, of moving forward...

6 tips for coping with SAD

Have you ever noticed that as the days get shorter, so does your mood. Your energy dips and you become irritable. You could be living with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a form of depression related to changes in the seasons. For most people SAD emerges...

Working on Walk In My Shoes Radio

Gina Lu takes a moment to tell us what it's like to work on Walk In My Shoes Radio. The fourth season of what is now called Walk In My Shoes Radio (WIMS) was an absolute BLAST. Walk in My Shoes Radio broadcasted live from St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services on James...

How to Reduce Stress at Work: 6 Simple Strategies Anyone Can Follow

Work is stressful, and so what we do about that stress is important. Anxiety, depression, burnout and substance misuse may all arise directly or indirectly from stress in the work environment. At their most extreme work-related stress issues make up a significant...

About Us

Walk in My Shoes is a mental health awareness and education campaign of St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services.
Walk in My Shoes has undergone a re-structure! As of 1st of January 2016, Walk in My Shoes no longer functions as a fundraising initiative, but will concentrate instead solely on promoting mental health awareness, educating people in schools, colleges, companies and communities across Ireland on the warning signs and support services available to them.
The Walk in My Shoes team are busy creating new mental health resources to promote positive mental health throughout Ireland. From free eBooks to eLearning modules 2016 is set to be an exciting year for Walk In My Shoes. Watch this space!

What We Do


Our information and support service is manned by mental health professionals, who offer practical advice and direction to people in need of help.


Walk in My Shoes raises awareness of Mental Health through support and information in communities throughout Ireland.


Walk In My Shoes offers free downloadable information packs to schools, colleges, workplaces and individuals