Mission Possible - School Wellbeing Awards

We are delighted to announce MISSION POSSIBLE; SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS is now live

What is it?

We recognise the importance of the contribution from schools to the promotion of positive mental health & wellbeing. The purpose of Mission Possible is to formally acknowledge and recognise contributions by schools across the country. We acknowledge that schools make a valuable contribution to accomplishing the debunking of stigma and the promotion of positive mental health to their young people.
We believe Mission Possible provides a formal process for acknowledging the outstanding achievements by Irish schools by recognising and celebrating these achievements.

How it works

There are a couple of steps to take in order to enter Mission Possible. See below.

An Awards Ceremony will take place in St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services on 28th April 2017.

Step 1

Fill in a ‘School’s Proposal.
Your ‘School Proposal’ is a document outlining what your school will be doing OR has done to promote wellbeing.

*Please include the following information in your proposal*

  • Describe your school’s mental health idea/project/event (500 words or less)
  • Date you plan to carry out your project (Past events can also be added)
  • How many students are/ were involved in this initiative?
  • Name of school

Tip: If your school does not already have one, it may be a good idea to form a ‘Wellbeing Committee’ to coordinate your entry and any future events you may have to promote positive mental health in your school.

Step 2:

Send the ‘School’s Proposal form to info@walkinmyshoes.ie with ‘Mission Possible’ in the subject line.

Once you have submitted your ‘School Proposal’, you are free to commence work on your project.

You will receive an email acknowledgement from the Walk in My Shoes team. (You must complete this stage in order to progress further with the competition)


At this stage you will be submitting your final entry for Mission Possible. You must include evidence of your completed project.

Your evidence can include the following:

  • Local media press clippings
  • Word Docs
  • Audio/Radio clips
  • YouTube Clips
  • Photographs
  • Short films (must be rights-free)

Send us all your documents via the following options
Email- info@walkinmyshoes.ie
or post (whichever suits you best)


Category 1:
Primary School

1st Prize- €1,000
2nd Prize- €500
3rd Prize- €300

Category 2:
Secondary School

1st Prize- €1,000
2nd Prize- €500
3rd Prize- €300

Send your proposal

Term & Conditions


All schools must submit evidence of their initiatives/events/ projects etc.
Projects will be showcased on www.walkinmyshoe.ie
If the competition administrator does not receive your ‘School Proposal’, you cannot proceed with your project entry.


The competition winner will receive a prize of €1,000. The first runner up prize will receive €500 and the second runner up will receive €300.

Important information for entrant

Entrants are expected to participate in media and publicity / promotional activities relating to St Patrick’s Mental Health Services/Walk in My Shoes and to consent to the use of their names in press materials relating to the competition.
St Patrick’s Mental Health Services/Walk in My Shoes and the competition administrators have the right to showcase all projects submitted to the competition, and to use completed projects for promotional purposes outside of the competition, as they see fit.
Personal details of entrants will only be used for the purposes of administrative and for publicity / promotional activities relating to the competition.
St Patrick’s Mental Health Services/Walk in My Shoes reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw an entrant from the competition at any time without notice.


Entries will be judged on its originality, artistic and message interpretation. Entries will be viewed by a pre-selection committee appointed by St Patrick’s Mental Health Services.
If your entry is shortlisted it will be then viewed by a judging panel at an awards ceremony who will select the overall winners from the shortlist. The judges’ decisions are final.
The Judging panel will consist of staff members of St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services/Walk in My Shoes.
Should there be insufficient entries, the judging panel reserves the right to decline to make an award.
The judging panel reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not fit the criteria of these terms and conditions and its decision is final.


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