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School Achievement Awards
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MissionPossible is back! We are delighted to announce our School Achievement Awards are back this year. The format for applications is a little different to last year with a more structured approach.

The purpose of MissionPossible is to formally acknowledge and recognise contributions made by schools to the promotion of positive mental health & wellbeing. We acknowledge that schools make a valuable contribution to accomplishing the debunking of stigma surrounding mental health to their young people and we want to award them!
MissionPossible provides a formal process for acknowledging the outstanding efforts made by schools across the country.

This year we have 2 categories: Primary and Secondary School. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awarded in each category.

All shortlisted schools will be invited to attend an Awards Ceremony on Friday 20th April (please note: this event will be taking place during school hours)

Entry guidelines

Your entry must follow the below format:

1) School Name & address

2) Introduction
A 15-25 word descriptive statement outlining what your project is about. This may be used by St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services in coverage of the Awards.

3) Objectives
Clearly define, with tangible targets and expected outcomes, what you set out to achieve

4) Implementation, Tactics and Strategy
Having identified your objectives, what strategy was developed to achieve these objectives and what tactics were implemented to deliver on this? In short, what did you do?

5) Outcomes
Crucially, provide evidence of the relationship between your project’s outcomes and the stated objective(s) and how this relationship was evaluated.

6) Support Material

All schools must submit evidence of their initiatives/events/ projects etc. Support material may include booklets, posters, DVDs, CDs, etc.

Sending your entry

Please send your entry form as either a Word document or PDF. It should be no longer than two sides of an A4 sheet using a type size no smaller than 10 point.

Term & Conditions


All schools must submit evidence of their initiatives/events/ projects etc.
Projects will be showcased on


The competition winner will receive a prize of €1,000. The first runner up prize will receive €500 and the second runner up will receive €300.

Important information for entrant

Entrants are expected to participate in media and publicity / promotional activities relating to St Patrick’s Mental Health Services/Walk in My Shoes and to consent to the use of their names in press materials relating to the competition.

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services/Walk in My Shoes and the competition administrators have the right to showcase all projects submitted to the competition, and to use completed projects for promotional purposes outside of the competition, as they see fit.

Personal details of entrants will only be used for the purposes of administrative and for publicity / promotional activities relating to the competition.

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services/Walk in My Shoes reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw an entrant from the competition at any time without notice.


Entries will be judged on its originality, artistic and message interpretation. Entries will be viewed by judging committee appointed by St Patrick’s Mental Health Services.

Shortlisted schools will then be invited to an awards ceremony, where the judges will announce the overall winners from the shortlist. The judges’ decisions are final.

The Judging panel will consist of staff members of St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services/Walk in My Shoes and external judges.

Should there be insufficient entries, the judging panel reserves the right to decline to make an award.

The judging panel reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not fit the criteria of these terms and conditions and its decision is final.


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