Now accepting applications for the TY Programme 2018/19

Transition Year Programme

The Transition Year Programme is a one-week mental health awareness placement, conducted by our clinical staff. The students have approx. 5 sessions each day focusing on various aspects of mental health and they get to take part in a mock MDT with clinicians. The day runs from 10 – 2, Monday – Friday and there is one hour for lunch (provided in the restaurant here). We have received very positive feedback from students who have taken part to date, and we have a graduation ceremony each year where students receive a certificate.

We are now accepting applications for the TY Programme 2018/19. Teachers must apply by emailing expressing their school’s interest in taking part on the Programme. Schools are selected on a lottery basis to make it fair on everyone applying.

*Please note, we do not accept applications from students, teachers must apply on behalf of the school. We can only accept one student from each school. If multiple students from the school are interested in taking part, the onus is on the TY Coordinator to select which student gets the place on the Programme (should your school be successful in the lottery).

Programmes are taking place on the following dates only:

• Programme 1: Week commencing 12th November FULL
• Programme 2: Week commencing 19th November FULL
• Programme 3: Week commencing 21st January FULL
• Programme 4: Week commencing 18th February FULL
• Programme 5: Week commencing 4th March FULL

About the Programme

The programme has something to offer all students regardless of subject or career interests; however it is a particularly valuable programme for students interested in a career in the health sector, including medicine, nursing, psychology, pharmacy, occupational therapy and social work.

Highlights of the course include;

Observation and participation in a mock multidisciplinary meeting alongside clinicians from our MDT teams;
Cardiac Response Training, after which the student will be awarded a recognised certificate of completion;
Workshops and talks held by Willow Grove Adolescent Unit clinicians in a wide range of areas such as Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy;
Social Media Training;
A mental health services management workshop presented by CEO Paul Gilligan
Interest in the programme has increased year on year, and feedback has shown that the experience is a positive and lasting one for students. Past students have made positive connections with follow students and staff which have continued long after programme completion. A recent survey of students found that almost all respondents (96%) believed that their experience had been of benefit to them in preparing for a future job or role in the workplace.

How to apply

Applications are open to all Secondary Schools around the country, however due to a high demand, only one student application per school can be accepted. Invitations for applications are sent to schools in August, in advance of the beginning of the school year.

The programme runs for 5 weeks each year, with 20 students partaking per week; two in November, one in January, February and March. The Transition Year Graduation takes place in May, before the end of the school year and family, friends and teachers are welcome to join students for this enjoyable occasion.

***Please note that this is an educational programme focussing on awareness and career options. It is not designed as a therapeutic programme. Parent’s consent must be submitted prior to student placement.

Transition Year Graduation Ceremony

Toward the end of the school year, students are invited, along with their parents and teachers, to the Transition Year Graduation Ceremony. This is a very enjoyable event for students who get to reunite with friends they made on the programme, and receive an official certificate of graduation from St Patrick’s Mental Health Services in addition to a Certificate for a Community Level Certificate for Cardiac First Response from the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council.

Sample Timetable

10.00 – 10.30 Welcome and Introduction to Mental Health
10.30 – 11.40 Walk In My Shoes
11.40 – 12.00 Mindfulness
12.00 –12.30 Lunch at Ridgeways Restaurant
12.30 – 13.20 Career Paths
13.20 – 14.00 Psychotherapy

I found that all staff members were friendly, informative and very positive. Couldn’t believe the incredible atmosphere in the hospital.

We got a huge insight into many professions in the medical field, not only in the psychiatric medical area.

The mock interview was a great …as it showed us how the doctors work with patients

There is a strong stigma around mental health but this placement has made me realise that anyone can be affected by a mental illness and there should be no stigma

I had a basic but stereotypical knowledge of mental health. Now I believe I know more.

I want to be a nurse when I am older and before St Pat’s I never heard of a psychiatric nurse.

I really hope to work in a hospital like St. Pat’s as either a psychotherapist or a nurse. It has really defined my future goals.

TY Programme Student Testimonials

I spoke with a parent just this week whose son was a past student who attended your programme. He has gone back to college to do social work as a direct result of attending St Patrick’s TY programme.

It was not an area they thought of in terms of employment. However, after attending they are now seriously considering it.

I believe it gave them a much better understanding into the whole area of mental health… it also took away the ‘fear’ of what goes on in working in a mental health facility.

As a mother, the week at St. Patrick’s changed my son’s whole outlook on life. Since doing the week he has embraced every opportunity for self-growth.

TY Programme Teacher Testimonials

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