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Primary Schools all over Ireland are promoting mental health & wellbeing.

By promoting positive mental health in school, schools are starting the conversation and creating awareness on the topic.

All year round Primary Schools host mental health events, the most popular one being our ‘Funky Shoe Day’- which is a great alternative to ‘No Uniform Day’.

For further information and to see the various ways to get involved, please see below.

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How to get involved

We encourage schools throughout Ireland and students to highlight mental health by hosting ‘Funky Shoe’ days where students and teachers step out of their comfort zone by wearing shoes they normally wouldn’t to school. We ask that everyone who takes part downloads our free mental health information packs.

Some schools have arranged walks to further raise awareness, teachers have taken part in high heel races/ wellington races… anything goes! We do our best to promote mental health positively – while still flagging the importance of recognising mental health difficulties and knowing where to go for help and when to ask for help.

We have had hugely positive feedback to date with over 60,000 students taking part and supporting our campaign since 2012.

Help raise awareness for mental health

Any way you can raise awareness will help increase public understanding about mental health and stamp out the stigma associated with mental health difficulties.

Ways you can raise awareness:

  • Knowledge is power, increase your knowledge about mental health:
  • Share on your social media

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If you would like a free school year wall planner for your staff/class room, please contact us and give us your name and address.

Schools' Newsletter

Information about the resources available and any upcoming events.

Primary Teacher Mental Health Awareness


#MindYourSelfie is a series of mental health eBooks designed to give practical tips and advice in relation to mental health.


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