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Children and adolescents can experience high level of stress which can lead to feelings of anger and anxiety, lowered self-esteem and self-confidence and depression.

#MindYourSelfie School Resource Packs provide activities for children to help them combat the stress and pressure of living in today’s competitive world.

Brighten up your classroom and your students’ self-esteem with these colourful activity packs!

Mental health and wellbeing calendar

Our new mental health and wellbeing calendar comprises daily actions that students can complete to promote positive mental health and mindfulness. The calendar does not have dates or month names, and as such, can be customised, giving schools the flexibility to use this resource any month that they wish throughout the academic year.

Wellbeing Action Calendar

Printable wellbeing action calendar

Wellness Journal

Our Wellness Journals provide young people with a template to record their feelings and thoughts as a once off assignment or as a daily activity

Secondary School

Printable Wellness Journal for Secondary School

Primary School

Printable Wellness Journal for Primary School

Mindfulness Colouring

Mindfulness can improve our wellbeing.
Mindful colouring asks students to focus on how they choose and apply colour in a design to bring their awareness to the present moment. The classroom mindfulness colouring activity can help students feel more relaxed by paying attention to the present moment.

Mindfulness Exercises

An effective method to introduce mindfulness and meditation into your classroom is to engage in a mindfulness of the body, relaxation exercise. These exercises not only help to improve students’ mindfulness but function to relax the tension and tightness that has built up within the body and mind.
#MindYoursSelfie offers a series of guided relaxations audio exercises introducing mindfulness to children.

Mindfulness of the breath

This exercise can be repeated regularly and is a core mindfulness skill.

Body Scan

This exercise will help you become aware of how you are

Leaves on a Stream

This exercise will help you notice your thoughts and then let them go

Dropping the Anchor

This exercise will help you learn how to ground yourself in the present moment

Notice 5 Things

This exercise will help you slow down and engage with what is happening around you.

Being Mindful of your Thoughts

This exercise show you how busy your mind can be.

Selfie ‘Steem

In this activity, the students share positive messages about one another.
Each student writes her/his name or places their photo in the space in the centre of the sheet. The sheet is then passed around the class so that others can write positive messages about their classmate (e.g. kind, bubbly, caring).
You can take the exercise a step further by asking the students to write 5 things they like about themselves first. The most interesting part of this exercise is to learn how hard it is to compliment yourself but how easy it is to compliment another person.

Secondary School

Selfie ‘Steem Sheet for Secondary School

Primary School

Selfie ‘Steem Sheet for Primary School

Selfie Tips Origami Chatterbox

How can you teach children to think positively about themselves? One simple way is to start discussing the topic of positive thinking through a fun, simple game.

Fold the Selfie Tips Origami Chatterbox following the instructions in the downloadable folding craft sheet.

Once the students have folded the Selfie Tips Paper Chatterbox, the game can begin.

Step 1: Students play by team of 2. The first student asks the other to pick a number. He then works the Paper Chatterbox back and forth as he counts up to the number.

Step 2: The first student asks the second student to pick one of the numbers on view inside the Paper Chatterbox. Then the first student works the fortune teller back and forth again as he counts up to the number.

Step 3: The second student makes a final selection. He or she picks one of the numbers on view inside the Paper Chatterbox. The first student raises up the flap and reveal the positive message!

Step 4: Start all over again! Either with the same friend or a different person.

Wellness Wall

Promotes wellness within the walls of your school. Create a space where everyone is welcome to read and contribute to the wall – writing how wellness looks, sounds, and feels and proving positive, informative and encouraging messages.

Send us an email and give us your name and address to register for your Wellness Wall banner!

Wellness wall poster

Secondary School

Create a Wellness Wall in Your Secondary School

Primary School

Create a Wellness Wall in Your Primary School

#MindYourSelfie – Mental Health Information eBooks

#MindYourSelfie is a series of mental health eBooks designed to give practical tips and advice in relation to mental health.

Primary School

#MindYourSelfie eBooks for Primary School

Secondary School

#MindYourSelfie eBooks for Secondary School

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