#MindYourSelfie Day

On #MindYourSelfie Day 2019, we released a brand new resource for young people – a mental health education film for schools. The film is a unique showcase of short films that were produced for the Walk in My Shoes annual ‘Frame of Mind’ competition and explores many different mental health themes. Featuring St Patrick’s Mental Health Services CEO, Paul Gilligan, the film is also accompanied by a handy Teacher’s Companion Guide developed by experts in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services. The guide advises teachers on how to use each film to discuss a particular mental health topic in the context of the classroom.

For the launch of our new mental health education film and companion guide for teachers on #MindYourSelfie Day, Maggie Doyle, RTE Radio One’s Morning Ireland, reported from a primary school which has been promoting positive mental health for over twenty years:

Each year on #MindYourSelfie Day we ask members of the public to post a selfie to their social media accounts using the hashtag #MindYourSelfie as a way to promote positive mental health and encourage conversation around mental health. You can take your selfie by yourself, with your friends, family, clubs and class, pets or even your entire school.

We want as many people as possible to see the #MindYourSelfie Day hashtag on social media as a way to raise awareness about our #MindYourSelfie Resources. These resources are designed by Walk in My Shoes – which is the mental health awareness initiative by St Patrick’s Mental Health Services and are available to download here for free.

The #MindYourSelfie Resources contain free classroom tools and activities for Primary and Secondary schools designed to promote mental health and wellbeing.

#MindYourSelfie Resources

The #MindYourSelfie School Resources have been developed by Walk in My Shoes as a way to provide activities for young people to help them combat life’s stressors and to promote positive mental health in their lives.

This free suite of resources includes:

  • A series of guided relaxations audio exercises that introduces the practice of mindfulness to children.
  • Printable mindfulness colouring sheets that can help students feel more relaxed as they pay close attention to the present moment and stay focused only on the colouring task at that moment.
  • The Wellness Journals provide young people with a template to record their feelings and thoughts as a once off assignment or as a daily activity
  • Our Wellness Activity Calendar is a mental health and wellbeing calendar with daily actions that students can complete to promote positive mental health and mindfulness.
  • The Selfie ‘Steem activity invites students to share positive messages about one another
  • Our Selfie Tips Origami Chatterbox is a game that helps children to think positively about themselves.
  • A series of free eBooks designed to give practical tips and advice in relation to mental health.
  • Our Wellness Wall banner can create a space in your classroom or in the school where everyone is welcome to read and contribute to the wellness wall.
  • Our #MindYourSelfie video resource and Teacher’s Guide features clips from entries into our Frame of Mind Short Film competition in 2018 which explores different mental health themes. The accompanying Teacher’s Guide provides prompts and discussion points so teachers can facilitate meaningful classroom discussions about these topics.

We are continually updating our #MindYourSelfie School Resources all the time so watch out for new additional resources coming soon!

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