On International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2017, we launch part 3 of our #StillJustMe series, focusing on Substance Use Disorders, Stigma and Recovery. Recovery is possible one step at a time, creating the opportunity to break free from the chains of that substance to a new version of you.

A Pebble in the Pond

Addiction is not just suffered by those going through it. It is also suffered by those who see their family members or loved ones going through it. Like a pebble being dropped into a pond the effects of someone with an addiction sends ripples of worry, concern, abuse...
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Stigma and Substance Use Disorders

For centuries people believed that substance abuse was a moral problem, that a person made the choice to continue using a particular substance. It was believed that such a person had weak willpower and low moral strength, the blame was exclusively with them. This...
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There is life after addiction – even if it is tough at times!

"Go on have the one it won’t hurt you." "God you are so boring." "Will I throw in a vodka into that diet coke when no one is looking?" This is mild compared to some of the so called ‘banter’ that an addict has to put up with. The stigma that goes with being a...
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#StillJustMe is our latest anti-stigma campaign. Through a series of short films and blog articles written by mental health experts and those with real-life experience, #StillJustMe will shine a spotlight on some of the most poorly understood and stigmatised mental health problems, including:

  • eating disorders
  • depression and anxiety
  • addiction
  • schizophrenia and psychosis

Each phase of #stilljustme focuses on a different mental health issue and is launched to coincide with international awareness days in 2017.

For Phase 1, during #EatingDisordersAwarenessWeek the focus is on Eating Disorders.
Part 2 will focus on Depression and will launch on April 7th – World Health Day


For World Health Day, part 2 of the #StillJustMe series focuses on Depression. Depression affects 1 in 10 people in Ireland.

Depression – Misunderstood

What’s in a word? How many times have we heard the words “It’s so depressing” or “I am depressed”? What does it really mean and in saying these words are we talking about an experience that is perhaps fleetingly negative? The words depression and depressive illness...
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Does having depression increase the risk of stigmatisation?

Depression is a common mental health disorder affecting as many as 350 million people worldwide at any one time according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Depression is a mood disorder often referred to as major depressive disorder or clinical depression. It is...
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Eating Disorder

In Ireland, 200,000 people struggle with eating disorders. Every day is a fight.

Stigma and Eating Disorders

Often when we hear of terms like ‘eating disorder’, ‘anorexia’ or ‘bulimia’ we have an associated image in our heads related to those terms. For those who have not had any personal experience of eating disorders, the conjured image is often an emaciated celebrity who...
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What Lies Beneath

We all wear masks in various aspects of our lives to fulfil our daily roles, to be professional, to meet expectations. For people who experience mental health difficulties, including anyone with an eating disorder diagnosis, that mask is one that they often struggle...
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Eating disorders come in one size – Miserable

One of the most damaging perceptions about eating disorders is that they are something that can be seen, that their severity is based on physical presentation and that only extremely thin individuals are ill. One of the big barriers to treatment is a feeling of ‘not...
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Eating Disorders – Family members and stigma

People who experience mental health difficulties, including those experiencing an eating disorder, often encounter the stigmatising opinion of other people resulting in the devaluing of the person, discrimination and social exclusion. One of the main reasons this...
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