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Speak up about mental health

We are delighted to announce the winner of our 3rd Level Poster Competition, as selected by our Ambassador Adam Clayton… Huge well done to Erika Davis, a student of University of Limerick

Raising Mental Health Awareness

Walk in My Shoes is a St Patrick’s Mental Health Services’ campaign, focusing on mental health education and awareness by promoting mental health and wellbeing in schools, colleges, workplace and communities.

Do you or someone you know experience mental health difficulties?

Many people with mental health difficulties can wait years before seeking support. Every day you live with a condition that is treatable, no matter what stage it’s at, is a day you haven’t lived to its fullest. You can change this.
It’s never too late or too early to seek support from people who have the knowledge and skills that can empower you to enjoy life again.
You are not alone, we are here to support you every step of the way.

First step to recoveryDifferent types of mental health difficulties

Info & articles and tips from the experts...

My Anxiety and Me – Darragh, 37

My heart races, thoughts are rampant coming at me from all directions, tense shoulders, on edge, my breathe is faster, my fists tighter, looking for the exit, will I bolt now, breathe Darragh, for the love of God relax, no good, drink a pint, no eye contact, drink...

Shake it Off

Many of us who look in the mirror don’t like what looks back at us. We moan we have too many wrinkles, too many grey hairs, we are too short or too tall, the list goes on and on. We are often highly critical of ourselves both physically and mentally. Instead of being...

Still Just Me – Mental Health Stigma

Stigma is a double-headed beast, existing in two forms as public and self-stigma. Engagement with negative attitudes (prejudice) and/or adverse behaviour (discrimination) is known as public stigma. Self-stigma is how the individual sees their own mental health from a...

The Runway of Life – Tips for well-being

It may sound like an exaggeration, but from my own experience I can say that most ex-service users can have a very good quality of life. I have learnt from my many stays in St. Patrick’s, that there is life after hospitalisation, and that hope abounds for virtually...

Talking to Children about Suicide

Why “silence and secrecy” only increase the pain of bereavement by suicide. Childhood is meant to be a happy time, a protected time, but for some children (especially those prematurely exposed to death as a result of a suicide in their family or community)...

Managing mental health issues in the classroom.

#MindYourSelfie is a series of mental health eBooks designed to give practical tips and advice in relation to mental health.

Up-to-date information on a range of mental health issues.

About Walk In My Shoes

Established in 2012, Walk In My Shoes is a St Patrick’s Mental Health Services’ awareness and education campaign.

Walk In My Shoes runs initiatives throughout the year to promote positive mental health:

  • Mission Possible; School Achievement Awards
  • Short Film Competition
  • #MindYourSelfie eBooks & School Resources
  • Transition Year Programme

What We Do


Our information and support service is manned by mental health professionals, who offer practical advice and direction to people in need of help.


Walk in My Shoes raises awareness of Mental Health through support and information in communities throughout Ireland.


Walk In My Shoes offers free downloadable information packs to schools, colleges, workplaces and individuals

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services is Ireland’s largest, independent, not-for-profit mental health service and aspires to be the recognised leader in:

  • the provision of quality mental health care
  • the promotion of mental health awareness
  • the protection of the rights and integrity of those experiencing mental health difficulties
Bláthnaid Treacy

Bláthnaid Treacy


Bláthnaid Treacy has been a regular on RTE for several years now, hosting entertainment shows such as Two Tube, The Electric Picnic Show, The EBBA’s, The RTE Choice Music Prize and most recently, the behind the scenes series of Dancing With The Stars; Can’t Stop Dancing. You can also hear her on Friday nights on RTE 2FM counting down the top 30 songs on the National Chart Show.

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